Aug 24, 2009

sleepless nights

So, toddler is sick. He spent the night screaming and crying. There was no consolation. I'd finally get him to sleep, it would last a whopping 20 minutes, then he'd wake up and cry for an hour.

I finally gave up -- realizing that no matter what I did, nothing was helping anymore. I sat on the couch with him and searched for programs with animals (his favorite thing next to music). Switched the TV to teletoon retro....Bugs bunny was on. It was followed by Merry Melodies (with Porky Pig). For an hour I had minimal screaming (because his cry is not simply a cry, it is a blood curdling scream!)....then came Bill Cosby.

Did you know that when you've had less than an hours worth of sleep and you then see an old grainy image of Bill Cosby with an afro and a moustache, it can freak the heck out of you?? Not only that, but Toddler wasn't thrilled with the fact that the cute little homicidal animals were no longer hunting one another down...instead, we had Fat Albert and his gang of friends.

And what's the first thing that comes into my mind? "I wonder what they'd call Fat Albert in today's PC society?"

Toddler screams. Then, finally he sleeps. I think I may have gotten a whopping 2 hours of sleep that night. But when you wake up in the morning and your little angel looks at you and wraps his little arms around your neck -- you know that you'd go 1000 nights for him.


Anonymous said...

very true Heather! Your blogs are so great!! And yes, a young Bill Cosby can be very freaky to watch at any time during the day, let alone on NO sleep and in the middle of the night! Hello Dr. Huxtable! ;D

~Tina Schell

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