May 20, 2011

a brief, musical interlude

My lovely daughter is in grade 4.  This is the year (where I live anyhow) that children learn all things fantastic, sexual education (limited to getting hair in the nether regions & body odor), the French language that they'll likely never use, and...the recorder.

Oh, I'm not sure if I can quite explain my complete lack of total joy emotion about this.  I don't come from a musical family, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I don't enjoy music.  I played the piano eons ago, and my dad can sing...but that's about as musical as it gets.

It would seem that Iman has inherited this lack of musical genius appreciation of music.  She was so excited to get that recorder.  She chose the color and takes loving care of it every day (cleaning out the drool that eventually makes its way into the inner chamber)  She makes sure that it's safe in her back pack and out of reach of her little brother who is notorious for trashing everything.

And she practices, God help me does she practice!  The tweets, the ear-piercing squeaks, the poorly played makes me want to scream.  I love my child, I love to support my child, and as much as I want to support her in her endeavour to play melodious tunes, deep inside I really just want to quash her dreams.

What kind of horrible mother thinks that?  Apparently me.

It also got me thinking about my future.  I've been debating going further into my education and becoming an honest-to-God teacher... then I thought, someone went to school for 6 years to learn how to teach children to play music.  Why on earth would you want to do that?  I like that children like music...I like singing songs and dancing with my kids.  But there is no way on God's Green Earth that I'd sit down with a bunch of musical instruments and attempt to listen to them try to play.

I am Hethr, Mrs. Negativity this week.  I'm also praying that the recorder lesson plans are over soon, because my sanity is hanging by a very thin thread...a thread that's vibrating with every note she tries to play...


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

You do know that wind and string instruments are not allowed in Islam right? You could teach in an islamic school instead.

asmaa17 said...

I remember my recorder lessons back in primary school. And they definately sounded awful! I sympathise with you because now my neighbour has recorder lessons and she practises all the time (unfortunate for my poor ears). Hopefully they'll end soon enough =)

getting divorced said...

My brother used to love playing the recorder too.I didn't quite understand how music is played in that instrument. For me, it was just really annoying and noisy.

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Meaghan said...

Frackin recorders. No child needs music education that badly. Teach them to sing instead. I'd rather hear a thousand voices singing off-key than a single note on a recorder. They are the worst invention in elementary education LOL!

S. said...

They have this tradition in England as well. I had to learn the recorder in year 4 - thankfully I wasn't the least bit interested in that instrument and had my focuson the guitar and piano (which my poor parents had to listen to me for months on end teaching myself). They like to think that those hours of untuned strings and key-smacking paid off, though - now I play them my own compositions (and they appear to enjoy it!)

Just hang in there... It gets better. Well, I'm not sure abou tthe recorder, but hey - at least it's not a violin. Children learning to play the violin = endless torture.

In response to commenter "C." - it is inevitable that people will interpret things in a multitude of ways, but I'd like to mention a couple things:
1 - the inventor of the guitar was a Muslim
2 - one must look at Hadith and passages from the Holy Qu'ran in context: the advising against musical instruments at the time was in the context of worship - because the Pagans/Polytheists used to use them to worship their many gods, and this act is clearly against Islam. Just as alcohol is prohibited - not as an 'unholy substance' but in terms of intoxication (
again, against Islam). However, I see nothing wrong with using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, for example - I'm not drinking it! Similrly, playing music (that is not vulgar) for my own amusement and for my family to enjoy - I personally see nothing awful about it.

No matter what we do, it should be for the cause of Allah and with the intention of being a good Muslim and pleasing Him.

Again, just my view, and apologiese Hethr for clogging up your comment space!

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